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In-house session band for Joseph "Jo Jo" Hookim's Channel One label. 
Built around drummer Sly Dunbar and bassist Robbie Shakespeare the band featured at various times fellow Kingston musicians Earl 'Wire' Lindo, Rad Bryan, Ansell Collins, Bobby Kalphat, Lloyd Parks, Uziah 'Sticky' Thompson, Bongo Herman, Stanley Bryan, Bo Peep, Eric 'Bingy Bunny' Lamont, Errol 'Tarzan' Nelsen and Skully Sims. Everything fell into place when they backed The Mighty Diamonds classic 1976 set 'Right Time'. The album offered fresh new Rockers rhythms to the reggae world. This militant double drumming style dominated the music scene from 1975-1978. 
It's from this period that a set of classic dubs were created by Bunny 'striker' Lee from sessions recorded at Channel 1. The Revolutionaries mark the first time that the legendary duo Sly & Robbie played together.

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