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Massive Dub Corporation or MDC consists of four multi-instrumentalist dub activists with one common idea, exploring dub and its borders (if there are any). With this young band born in Bourges in early 2010 - the project started both in the studio and on stage - navigating between CAM and instrumental music, everything is in balance: synthetic rhythm and acoustic phrasing are mixed perfectly. Sounds pass through various environments, from the “french dub” to things more roots, or stepper oriented and dedicated to the sound systems. Their two first albums on ODGprod - "Conception" and "Time For The Bus", rich & multi-faceted dub EPs - and many powerful gigs all over France, sharing stages with people like Zion Train, Stand High Patrol, and many more, only give a hint about what will come about in the future. The dub machines and instruments already run hot on new material... On the controls you find: bass (Bruno) / keys, composing and added vocals to the mix (Antoine) / guitar, composing (Thomas) / trombone (Julien) / saxophone (Benoit). "Mix all our universe and you get Massive Dub Corporation."

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