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Rainford Hugh Perry Best known by his nickname Lee 'Scratch' Perry. Born on Mar 20, 1936 in St. Mary's, Jamaica. First called "Little" Perry, in reference to his height of 4'11" (1.5m), he was a major founder of Reggae and Dub. First working with ska, he cut his first record in 1959. From then, he worked with a variety of musicians and producers, not always on the best of terms. His first record on his own Upsetter label was entitled "People Funny Boy," and was a direct attack on Joe Gibbs of Wirl Records. His labels: Black Art , Upsetter Jamaica , Upsetter (2) UK , Upset Records , Justice League , Judgemant , Orchid , Lion Of Judah , Wizz-Dom , Perries Records , Warning

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