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French label launched in 1894 by brothers Émile and Charles Pathé. 
Established in France, the label's territory expanded to the US (in 1914), the UK and even Asia.

Prior to 1931 the label went through major ownership changes. First, Emile Pathé sold the Pathé label and companies outside of the US (which included Compagnie Générale des Machines Palantes Pathé Fréres established in 1919 by the brothers Pathé which controlled all of their phonographic activities including the factory at Chatou) to the Marconi Company owned by physicist Guglielmo Marconi in 1924. In 1928 the Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd. acquired Compagnie Générale des Machines Palantes Pathé Fréres, the following year Compagnie Générale des Machines Palantes Pathé Fréres acquired the Marconi Company. 

In 1931 Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI) is formed through the merger of the Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd. and The Gramophone Co. Ltd., whom in 1936 effects a merger of Cie Française Du Gramophone (subsidiary of The Gramophone Co. Ltd.) and Compagnie Générale de Etablissements Pathé Fréres to form Les Industries Musicales Et Electriques Pathé Marconi (a.k.a. Pathé Marconi) which then becomes the immediate registered owner of the Pathé trademark. 

In the US, the Pathé label became part of the Cameo Recording Company in 1927. Two years later the Cameo Recording Company merged into the American Record Company. 
Coincidently the Pathé label disappeared from the US market in 1930/31, but not in the rest of the world, especially in France and Asia. 
In 1972 Les Industries Musicales Et Electriques Pathé Marconi became known asPathé Marconi EMI 


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